Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bad Compromises, the 2nd Amendment, and John Kasich

I was really quite fired up after watching yesterday's rally where John Kasich announced his campaign for governor. But there is still an unresolved issue with Mr. Kasich and, to my knowledge, it still hasn't been addressed.

Kasich spoke passionately about not making bad compromises, but he made such a move when he served in Congress. The Kasich side of the story is that his vote represented the best deal he could get on what was going to be a truly draconian bill that would have passed anyway. Still, a bad compromise is a bad compromise...

It is not too late for Kasich to admit that he made a bad compromise and take steps to improve his standing with the pro-2nd amendment constituency that will be vital to his chances at winning in this state. I will state that, once again, I hope that Team Kasich does what it must do in order to shore up support in this area.