Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Shut Up Jon Husted

So...NCR, a corporate giant for decades in my hometown of Dayton is moving to Georgia and what does Jon Husted do? He blames NCR...(Dayton Daily News)
“It’s hard to get an offer to a CEO who won’t meet with you,” Husted said on Tuesday, June 2. “I’ve been trying to do it for nine months.”

He spoke of NCR’s historical connection to Dayton.

“I understand that during difficult times businesses make decisions. But after 125 years in Dayton, I believe they owe the people of the Dayton area an opportunity to compete for those jobs. The fact that they didn’t do it is shameful,” Husted said.
Jon, look in the mirror, buddy... What has Ohio or Dayton done to make business BETTER? You raised taxes, Jon. And you think NCR has acted shamefully? How dare you, sir. Have you, at last, no decency?