Saturday, June 06, 2009

Best Candidate vs. Best Person

In case you didn't know, the Ohio GOP Candidate Training School is going on right now up in Columbus. A whole new generation of candidates are listening to the smartest people in the room who brought us Bob Taft...


One of those smartest people thinks we ought to go with the best candidate over the best person.

This is the same guy who thought this would be a good ad against Richard Cordray... I'm thinking we ought to take political advice from this guy with a few grains of salt. I'm just saying.

Seems to me that the best candidates got us in to the mess we are facing in Ohio. Seems to me that maybe it is time for the best people to step up and get a shot at fixing it.

So, I ask you, the wide and vast audience of WMD...should we elect the best candidate or the best person. You decide. Do you stand with me and the best person or do you stand with smartest guy in the room and the best candidate.