Sunday, June 07, 2009

An open letter to Ellen Malcolm, President & Founder of EMILY's List

Dear Ms. Malcolm,

Please do Jennifer Brunner a favor and read the meaning of the acronym for the organization you founded.

Your acronym is the answer to her most important question.

Early Money Is Like Yeast.

You probably missed my post about Brunner's situation earlier so I'll give you this link for ready-reference:

If EMILY's List dumped their money in hugely now while it is still relatively early then the fence straddlers/"keeping their powder dry" folks and people who don't like Lee Fisher would see her fundraising was going well and they would contribute as well thus making her a good fundraiser which would then draw in some of Lee's early contributors to also give her money to hedge their bets thus making the equation:

Big early money by EMILY's list acts as yeast to then create more somewhat early money by fence straddlers, keeping powder dry & anti-Lee Fisher $$$ which then would create more money because the early Fisher people would see JLB's big war chest and they would then give to hedge their bets for fear of not being on the winning team.

Give JLB big money now and she will be the dem candidate vs Portman. Give her big money too late and Lee will probably be the dem candidate vs Portman.

Walk away from her financially and she will either

a) Go back to run for re-election which is the most likely scenario I see if EMILY's List does not step up to the plate by September 1st (sorry Marilyn Brown...that would be the end of your SOS candidacy)


b) Stay in the race and ultimately lose to Fisher in the primary. Frankly, as a GOPer that is what I hope happens. You and EMILY's List keep telling JLB that you are going to be with her big and "the check is in the mail", but the check never comes. If her fundraising continues to do poorly then it will not only have a huge impact on her, but it will also have a huge impact on Marilyn Brown's fundraising.

No dem contributor, lobbyist, association or corporation who does not care about Franklin County Commission would give serious money to Marilyn Brown for SOS as long as Brunner's federal fundraising for the US Senate is going so poorly.

Everyone assumes in that scenario (and probably is assuming correctly) that JLB will slink back for re-election to SOS thus sending Marilyn back to Franklin County.

The ironic thing about all of this is your lack of willingness to steer huge sums of money to Jennifer Brunner is not just killing the campaign of one strong female candidate, but you are actually severely damaging two female candidates.

Talk about doing your part to help the Old Boy Network keep ahold of power in the seventh largest state in the country. How is that going to play with the donors of EMILY's List nationally??? I imagine the answer is: NOT GOOD.

The sand in the hour glass is pouring faster and faster every day.

Each day you procrastinate is good for the Old Boy Network and bad for women.

Tick tock...tick tock...


Kyle Sisk