Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ted's political team is usually smarter than this

Haseley? Pickrel? Worst? Bueller? Anyone? Bueller?

This is one of those "looked good on paper" and "sounded good when the TV vendor made the pitch", but when the 4:52 long video actually made it onto YouTube...ouch...not so good.

Now I 100% realize by offering this up to the thousands of people on WMD who will read this I am helping you spread the word and thus making your TV vendor whose wife probably needed a new Prada handbag and Manolo Blahnik shoes prophetic that this video would go "viral", but frankly I have no problem sharing this video with my R, D & Independent readers who are predominantly within the state of Ohio for two reasons:

1) The video quality is good, but the message is laughable and

2) At this point in time the Governor has zero credibility with anyone on the budget and my guess is your poll numbers are saying exactly that which is why you felt you needed to do the video in the first place. This is a "4th & long Hail Mary" attempt by a Governor whose poll numbers are sliding, who has to be shitting his pants at the first 48 hours of the Kasich campaign.

Here is my free advice which you should have taken instead of doing a nearly 5 minute video to pay for your high-end luxury goods:

Quit being shady & quit lying

*Ted & Pari Sabety not sharing the real figures with Budish prior to the House passing the budget was SHADY!!!

*Ted & Kent Markus leaning on the lottery guy to not fully disclose the particulars to the controlling board at a cost to taxpayers of at least $11 million was SHADY!!!

*Doing a school funding budget that is funding "light" until after the 11/10 election and this is hugely funded with dollars that only exist in fantasy land through the year 2018 was SHADY!!!

*Promising voters statewide that they would all have internet access in your first term and then pulling the rug out from under them and not coming through on the promise is LYING!!!

*Telling the Dispatch that a fee is exactly the same as a tax and then raising fees, but not raising taxes and then saying that you did not raise taxes when based on your own definition that is exactly what you did is LYING!!!

*Taking funding away from nearly 400 at-risk high school students (out of 80,000 statewide) at places like ISUS Institute of Manufacturing (a wildly successful charter school in Dayton that Strickland, Budish & the Ohio Education Association do not want you to know even exists...probably makes them lose sleep at night that a lot of the charter schools in Ohio are actually...gasp...working and...dare I say...educating Ohio's kids) fully knowing that the Draconian cuts to said charter schools would immediately put them out of commission is neither shady or is in my humble opinion INHUMAN to send these kids back to where they were before they chose the charter school option.

I could go on (and I will in a doozy of a post I am working on), but I will stop here for now.

Enjoy the video: