Monday, June 01, 2009

Wenstrup Questions City Job

(CINCINNATI, OH) Cincinnati Mayoral candidate, Brad Wenstrup, opposes the creation of a city job that was posted just days after the city received dismal financial news.

The City posted a job for the position of Climate Protection Coordinator on Tuesday. The job's pay range is $45,114-$60,633 annually.

"The city of Cincinnati receives a report that we have an enormous budget shortfall, and the response is to create a job that doesn't help the situation," Wenstrup said. "Cincinnati needs a mayor who will prioritize properly, and I will bring that to the city."

"As an employer and a business owner, if I created unnecessary jobs , I would be out of business," Wenstrup said. "The city is going to be out of business soon at this rate, and we need leadership that is going to make sound, solid decisions."
I'll start believing that there is a crisis when Democrats start acting like they actually care...