Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Where Is Strickland?

With a tip o' the hat to Rob on Twitter, I point you in the direction of this Columbus Dispatch Daily Briefing post that outlines where Gov. Strickland spent his time yesterday. Reader's Digest version: Strickland continues to fiddle while Ohio burns.

Perhaps while he is in Dee Cee, Strickland can find the time to call up his buddy Rahm and ask why Ohio keeps getting screwed by the Obama administration.

I do find it interesting that Strickland is campaigning behind the scenes at this point. I've heard all sorts of crazy things about why he hasn't announced his re-election bid. He's rumored to have serious medical conditions... He's already stated that he'd like to open a T-Shirt shop in Florida... He's so terrified of John Kasich that he wet himself... Okay...I made that last one up... Bottom Line: There's an election on...and Strickland doesn't seem to realize that this cycle is starting early.