Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Reason NOT to back Mike DeWine for Attorney General

He is George Voinovich's protege. Remember, it was Voinovich who named him Lt. Governor. It was Voinvoich who brought Mike into the being Lt. governor. It was Voinovich who helped get Mikey elected to Senate. Well, do you want someone who learned at the foot of this guy to be in charge of law enforcement, especially where the 2nd Amendment is concerned:
Sen. John Thune sponsored an amendment to the defense authorization bill allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons across state lines as long as they abided by other states’ CCW rules and regulations.

The Senate just voted down the measure by 58-39, falling two short of the 60-vote threshhold needed to block a filibuster.

Several Democrats voted for the amendment, including Sens. Feingold, Dorgan, Bayh, and Webb.

Sen. Pryor switched his vote from “nay” to “aye” at the last minute.

GOP Sens. Lugar and Voinovich voted “nay.”

George was more concerned with eradicating "real" terrorists like zebra mussels or something, I guess. Do we want a guy like Mike DeWine who hangs out with gun grabbers like these? Do we want a guy like Mike DeWine who refused to vote to drill in ANWR because his daughter bought the lies about global warming and harming the polar bears? Do we want a guy like Mike DeWine who joined the gang of 14? Do we want a guy like Mike DeWine the people of Ohio have already resoundingly rejected for office? Do we want a guy like Mike DeWine who lost to Sherrod Brown, for heaven's sake?

I sure as hell don't. That is why I am for Dave Yost, who is supported by Ohio's prosecutors for Attorney General. And you should be for Dave Yost, too, if you love the 2nd Amendment and believe in the justice system.