Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is Kay Rogers Plotting a Comeback?

It has brought to my attention that Mary C. Rogers, also known as Kay Rogers -- the disgraced former auditor of Butler County who resigned after pleading guilty of fraud -- has pulled a petition to run for the Lakota School Board.

Do not be fooled by this charlatan. This is the same woman and she is still not welcome in political circles.

Memo to the FBI: Would you mind terribly wrapping up the case so these people can finally be put behind bars where they belong? Here is a reminder of what that might look like...

Let's make that happen, mmmkay? Thanks a bunch.

7/13 UPDATE: Dave Greber has a follow up story for the local newspaper that is filed while after this story was published on WMD. I have to bring up this bit though:
Ohio law prohibits convicted felons from voting or holding any public office. However, McGary said there are no rules that stipulate against pulling a petition to run for office.
If she can't serve, why is she pulling a petition? What is the point? Is this an exercise in ego? Wouldn't surprise me one bit...

UPDATE 2: Intrepid Reporter Josh -- According to Kay's lawyer, she is not running for office. She pulled the petition "for a friend." In other news, she apparently also pulled a petition for her son to run for West Chester Twp. Trustee that same day...that petition is apparently in her son's name.

EXIT QUESTION: Who is the friend?