Monday, July 13, 2009

Krikorian's FEC Filing

A few things I've noticed about the Angry Armenian's FEC disclosure filing... (NOTE: If you follow that link, you may have to start the search over again, just look for Krikorian, David Henry of Cincinnati)

He raised just under $60,500 and has about $54,000 on hand. If you look at his receipts, nearly all of them are Armenian.

He gave $500 to Strickland for Gov. He sure as heck can't get their support for free so he's gotta start buying it... Pathetic!

I also noticed something very peculiar about his 2004 donations. Sure, he gave some cash to the Republican Party of Virginia; but, he also gave money to in to that what you will.

On a related note, I am starting to hear rumblings that Krikorian might soon have a primary opponent...more on that a little later......

UPDATE: A couple more things to note... He appears to have only five contributors from the Second District totaling $3,300.

Back on the Armenian front, check out this Twitter post:
216 Armenian Americans have given $17,835 online to the Krikorian campaign so far. Good start.
By my math, that makes $17,000 in unspecified donations on his report (those under $200).

Lastly, he donated himself $15,000 during this period. So his actual raised is $45,000 not $60,000.