Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man tasered in Alabama

Man tasered

A deaf and mentally handicap man was tasered in Moblie, Alabama. I watched an interview with this young man, while his brother signed for him. He was taken from a store's bathroom where he would not leave. What the police didnt know was that he was sick and that he couldnt hear the polie knocking on the door. He freaked out because in his mental state he thought the devil was after him. After he was released they dropped him off in a parking lot, not even calling his mom. The interview was with a very nice family who seemed like a simple family. The man was African American.

In listening to this it came to me that how egregious and outrageous it is for this story about Prof Gates to even make national news. This young mans actual rights were violated, and most people never hear about it. The president wont talk about it. He wont say the police acted stupidly. It is a crime to apply "civil rights" where it is politically convenient and allow people who really do have their rights violated are ignored. It is garbage like this Gates crap that waters down true civil rights issues. The president should be ashamed using a very valid issue as a political toy.