Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama Has a Job for Joe Goebbels...Behavioral Science Czar

Obama has a new czar in mind, and Congress is seeking to help him out. There is a bill that was debated on last night. It has to do with the creation of a behavioral science czar to get you to think certain ways. Behavioral science, people. This is a minister of propaganda and marketing! Here is the link to read about this czar. Here are some highlights:
To establish a social and behavioral sciences research program at the Department of Energy, and for other purposes.
The Secretary shall appoint or designate a Director of Social and Behavioral Research to carry out the program established under this section.

(c) Duties of the Director- The Director shall--

(1) develop a research plan in accordance with section 2;

(2) implement the research program under this section;

(3) work with the relevant Department of Energy program offices to integrate the results of social and behavioral research into their work;

(4) develop tools, practices, and information to apply and integrate the results of social and behavioral research into programs that--

(A) design, develop, and demonstrate technologies that supply energy and improve energy efficiency; and

(B) provide information on energy consumption to consumers

This person will be charged with getting you to agree with government programs, to see why we do what we do and what motivates us....and get us to be motivated to follow government directives. It would be set up to identify and understand social and behavioral factors that influence energy consumption to promote the utilization of the results of social and behavioral research to improve the design, development and demonstration and application of energy technologies policies and programs, and it's going to create a director of social and behavioral research.

This is nothing more than a propaganda minister. We get all these ministers, and now we will have a minister of propaganda. When can we start calling Barry the Fuhrer?