Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mike DeWine to Announce Run for AG

I've been hearing through unofficial sources that Mike DeWine is planning the dreaded move to announce that he is in fact deaf and will run for Attorney General of Ohio. This blessed event is supposed to take place on Wednesday, July 22 at 10 am at the Greene county court house.

If ever there was a time for Dave Yost, it is now. Express your disdain for the Old Guard by letting your voice be heard. DONATE NOW to Dave Yost's campaign.

Contact your state Central Committee people and register your complaint that they didn't stop this insanity. If you don't know who they are, hit up your county party...you should probably let them know that you don't approve either.

I predict dire consequences if Mike DeWine is on the ticket...there will be depressed turnout for down-ticket races, so all you candidates and incumbents ought to make your opinion known too. There is just too much at stake to put this guy on the ballot.

Dave Yost is the right man at the right time for Ohio.

UPDATE: This came in from one of our readers...I think it is a flag we can rally around...