Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outrage in Rhode Island!!!

Hey all of you gun toting, bible thumping, Constitution following, bill of rights reading, tea-day protesting Conservative friends and acquaintances. This is your new, underground leader coming at you from a location that isn't secure because I am not afraid of "big brother". Between GOD and Glock, I'll be fine!
Let me start off by saying that each and everyone of you that meets my description, I love you! You are what is great with America and what can make America great again! keep up the good fight!
Now, down to the heart of the matter. I have some rather disturbing information that was brought to my attention. A little town in Rhode Island called Bristol is famous for its Independence Day parade. After all, it is the oldest in the nation, at 224 years and running.
This year, however, the parade is infamous!
Rhode Island Tea Party entered a float in this years parade, following all the guidelines, which limited their freedom of speech! The did so legally, filling and signing appropriate paperwork! The theme of the float was a small version of an old cargo ship, that was a mock of the ship the colonist snuck onto in Boston harbor and then proceeded to throw tea off of. Some of you may have heard of this event in the early days before we declared Independence. It was called the "Boston Tea Party".
They were told they could not dress like Indians or throw tea bags, which they complied with. They were also informed that for the safety of the community, that no organization or float could throw anything into the crowd or distribute items. They were fine with this. They followed the rules, changed a few things since their original ideas couldn't happen, but in the end, still floated down the street in their British cargo ship!
One little problem occured, a tea party protester, on his own, showed up with a backpack full of pocket constitutions! This gentleman, on his own showed up in support and was not a listed member of the float team! The float organizers were told he could not pass out the literature! However, he was not part of their team and did so anyways. The Rhode Island Tea Party was banned from the competition and from all future participation in the parade because of this.
The funny thing is, other floats were passing out advertisement flyers, but faced no sanctions from the parade committee! I found this following clip from the EastbayRI.com article by Scott Pickering. You can find the link here www.eastbayri.com/detail/129928.html
They were also denied sound, which according to a parade float inspector, "was the first time sound was denied"
Now, Is this not an outrage? This is a clear violation of 1st amendment rights, plus clear discrimination against the Tea Party float because no other float received any sanctions. This is an outrage! Once again, us "Right Wing Nut Jobs" are denied the same rights, the same due process and the same tolerance that we are told we need to live by!
I encourage everyone to contact Bristol, RI city council, the local newspaper editor and the parade committee. Here are a list of contacts:

Scott Pickering, the editor of the Bristol Phoenix: spickering@eastbaynewspapers.com
Kenneth Marshall, Town Council Chairman (D): kmarshall@bristolri.us
Raymond Cordeiro,Vice-Chairman (D): rcordeiro@rwu.edu
Mary A. Parella, council member (R): mparella@bristolri.us
David E. Barboza, council member (D): David02809@aol.com
Halsey C. Herreshoff, council member (R): hherreshoff@bristolri.us
David Burns, General Chair for the 4th of July festival: genchair@july4thbristolri.com
Judy Squires, Vice Chair and Parade Chair: paradechair@july4thbristolri.com

Also, while you are at it, please contact the Rhode Island Tea Party and show your support! Their website is www.teaparty.org/rhodeislandteaparty.html, their spokesperson thru this event is named Marina Peterson.

This is, as I stated prior, an outrage. Does not surprise me that the majority on the council is Democrats, but that's just me. The thought that a group would be banned forever from the parade for passing out copies of the US CONSTITUTION on INDEPENDENCE DAY is the craziest thing I have ever heard of. What's next, the city of Philadelphia will not be allowed to read the Declaration of Independence anymore. This type of lunacy, and outright disrespect for our country, its heritage, its Constitution and the people's rights is what has brought us down a disastrous road that we are now on! This kind of stuff must be spoken out against! Make your voices heard!

Thank you all! GOD bless you and GOD bless America!