Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on DeWine Update

Earlier today, I noticed an interesting line in the piece over at Buckeye Firearms about Mike DeWine's rumored pending announcement regarding his intentions for the Attorney General's race. Specifically a bit about how the Ohio Republican Party was tracking registered Republicans who would never support Mike DeWine. I asked if anyone with Voter Vault experience cared to elaborate and I got this back from a source I trust:
First, I can tell you categorically there's no "anti-DeWine" group.

Not sure if you've every participated in phone banking, but here's the system that is in place. The ORP will send call lists out with voter's names and full-in-the-oval questionnaires. The caller dials the number and asks the questions. The sheets are then scanned and the pertinent info is entered into voter vault.

The purpose is to identify voters. This system is used for unIDed or independent voters - trying to see who might be targetable for our slate.

Let's take 2006 as an example because that was a statewide year. Some of the questions might be: Are you a gun owner? Are you pro life? Are you a veteran? Did you support the ban on gay marriage? Do you support the President's policies relating to the war on terror? These questions help us get a quick look at where the voter might stand. A gun owning veteran that is pro life and supports the war is a likely target for Republicans.

The next step is to do a ballot test. "Will you support X candidate?" This is asked of all major contested races. The information is absolutely entered into voter vault. If it's a firm no, that will help the campaign and party save their limited resources: time people and money. If it's a maybe or a yes we know the proper next step.

There is no question, relating to Mike DeWine, Bob Taft, Rob Portman, John Kasich or anyone else about whether someone will "EVER" support them. And Mike DeWine has never been singled out to test Republican support. Every major Republican contested race is tested. In fact, in 2006 we tested statewides, congress and state reps based on the district where the phone banking was taking place.

That was an unfair attack on Mike DeWine. We can debate his fitness to be Attorney General (and I know you will!), but I appreciate you asking for more information because that was a cheap shot at the Senator.
Allow me to do a Reader's Digest version:

Have they asked if people would support Mike DeWine? Yes, they have in the past.

Was there anything "special" about that? No.

Is there a "special column"? No. But there is some data that has been gathered.

Are we ever likely to see it? I'm not holding my breath...and you shouldn't either.

Was the Buckeye Firearms statement accurate? Technically, no...but there is enough truth in it that I'm not willing to say that their pants are on fire either.

Was it a cheap shot? Without knowing what the data on the question is, it is hard for me to judge.