Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is wrong with the Republicans?

Hey all of you gun toting, bible thumping, Constitution following, bill of rights reading, tea-day protesting Conservative friends and acquaintances. This is your new, Conservative underground leader coming at you, once again from a location that isn't secure because I am not afraid of "big brother". Between GOD and Glock, I'll be fine!

I want to start out by saying that this is something I have been working on for a while. I wanted to get this message out, and luckily I have started to build up a small group of followers thanks to my good friend Matt Hurley. This next sentence is between you and me, so don't tell anyone. Basically this post is a summary of the first chapter of a book I have been and am working on. Hopefully I will finish it and get it to potential publishers by Feb 2010. I thank you for your support and kind words and any prayers you can give me in this endeavor.

There is an old analogy that popped up quite a bit this past election cycle. It goes some what along the lines of "You must first remove the beam from your own eye before you can start pointing out the splinters in others' eyes." I found that interesting, mainly because my Grandfather, a WWII vet, lifelong conservative, and proud American use to say it. Grandpa was a great man, and as far as I am concerned, the greatest I'll ever know. He was modest of his history and proud of who he was and what he believed and most importantly, his country. He also was the first to point out that just because he was proud of and loved his country, he usually didn't care for the government and the people in it. This man knew that being proud of the United States of America didn't mean you had to support the government or be proud of it, because when it comes down to it, (pardon the language, but this is his quote word for word), "its the proud, hard working, flag waving, red blooded Americans that make me proud and make the US great, not those sons of bitches in Washington." I told you all this to get to another point, but had to first pay honor to this great man. The reason I want to Honor US Army SGT Ed Fowler, is because he was a proud American, who loved his country and taught his grand kids of the sacrifices and principles and values that made the US great, and on March 2, 2009, America lost a true HERO, PATRIOT and GREAT MAN. R.I.P. Grandpa. Now, the reason I told you this is to get to my main point, grandpa was never affiliated with a party because he had been let down by both Democrats and Republicans, he just said I am an independent conservative! After the 80's, he would sometimes throw in the term "Reagan Conservative." That was truly a man of incite. I am proud to say that I have no true commitment to any party, but I am in fact a proud Reagan/Goldwater Conservative. This causes me to align 99% of the time with the Republican party.

I told you this little history to show you that I have a legitimate viewpoint towards my title topic. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE REPUBLICANS?" Hopefully I can shed a little light into this, and will hopefully lead to people realizing what is happened and what needs to happen. When the people stand up, and start demanding true republican/conservative principles out of our leaders, whether or not we are the majority, then the Republicans will finally be able to remove that big beam and and start fixing the splinter problems in the rest of the country's eye.

The Republican party has two major flaws over the past 8 years (well over a longer time than that, but I'm focusing on the last 8 years because that led to its destruction in 06 and 08). Those flaws can be summed up in two words: Education and Principles.

Education, or lack there-of is a major problem with the Republicans. We can not keep going on being considered the party of no, or the party of old white guys. We need to do a lot better job of getting the message out there. We say no to an Obama plan, and he comes back with they don't offer an alternative. Guess what, they need to get their lazy asses out there and let people know what their plan is. They are becoming just like the Democrats. They have their seats in congress, statehouse, senate, etc and don't care unless they have a close race ahead of them.

One thing that is hurting our cause is what we all do, not just the elected officials, but the republican followers of them also do is complain and blame Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc. Now, I AM NOT, I repeat NOT, defending Obama, Reid or Botox Pelosi. Make that clear, NOT supporting them, but come on people. You can not go through everything with just blaming someone else. After the absurd spending and policies (not all of them, I liked a lot of the policies from 00-06, but we lost our way from the way the party operated congress in 94) we have the nerve to just go out everyday and blame blame blame. People, this is no different than Charles Manson calling Michael Jackson a sicko for his past sins. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" Very few republicans in congress can claim no blame for the debacle that has been the last few years, and MOST of them are freshman congressmen/women.

For a party of Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves, for the party who were the majority party who passed the 13th (abolish slavery), 15th (voting rights for slaves) and 19th (women's voting rights) amendments to the US constitution so they could be ratified by the states. That's right, the Republicans did all that, and the 13th and 15th amendments had a high majority of the democrats voting against. How about the Civil rights act of 1964, in a democratic house where 40% of that party voted against it and 80% of Republicans voted for the act, or the democratic controlled Senate where 31 % of Dems voted against and 82 % of Rep voted for it. The Republicans have played a bigger role in minority rights then the democrats have over our history. So why is it that there is a misconception that we are a racist party? LACK OF EDUCATION.

This past election, Obama sounded like a conservative, promising tax cuts for 95 % of Americans. That is great to the average voter. So why doesn't the average voter know that the Republican policy has always been to let the voters keep as much of their own money as possible through tax cuts and credits. We are suppose to be the party that believes people spend their own money better than Uncle Sam ever can. Why is it that when a Democrat in a debate asks the question, "Well how are you going to pay for these tax cuts?" that we can not come up with a viable answer. We tip toe around cutting here and there. Why can't we just say this: Number 1, tax cuts to stimulate the economy have proven to raise revenue to the Government without raising taxes, that should help "pay" for them. Number 2: When are you going to learn that this is not the governments money. When a child gets his allowance reduced, he doesn't have to "pay"for it, he has to cut down his candy budget for the week. So why is it that Government thinks that it is their money first. All taxes are is an allowance we give the Government for the services they are required to perform in the US constitution. The government doesn't have to "pay" for tax cuts, they don't pay anything. The government needs to learn how to cut their budget, when it comes to taxes the only people who pay are the American citizen. When Congress raises taxes they don't "Pay" less, we pay more! No one can get that message across, why? Lack of Education.

The Last bit of Education needed is on the base. We think we need to broaden the base by being more "moderate". Guess what, that is Bull CRAP! The majority of "Independent" voters who we were supposedly targeting by being moderate, where the same people who were pissed off by our lack of control after they helped us into office in 2000. Yea, that's right! They wanted the government to quit spending and taxing and butting into their lives. Wow, what does that sound like? Conservative Principles! What kind of people have those principles, the BASE. We need to excite the conservative base and once we win, not betray them. The independents are only independent because of social policy. When it comes to fiscal policy, they want whoever is going to cut taxes, cut spending and cut government. But yet we try to be more like the democrats cause we think its going to expand the base. WHY IS THIS? LACK OF EDUCATION! That leads me into the second flaw which I will cover in my next segment...which I will have published on this blog by next wednesday