Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Butler County Update: The Party Favor Edition

Intrepid Reporter Josh gets in to the act by asking whether or not Jose Alvarez is the party favorite. No, Josh, Jose is the party favor at this point...

Since folks have been asking, I think the time is right to reveal what I have been able to piece together...

WHO: Commissioner "Democrat" Don Dixon, Sheriff Rick "Spotlight" Jones, State Senator Gary Cates, Prosecutor Robin Piper, Puppet Ed Shelton, and Party Mascot Chris Wunnenberg UPDATE: Oh, yeah, County Engineer Greg Wilkens, you did not escape my list...I was working from memory this morning.

WHAT: Secret cabal met to decide who was going to be the next Butler County Commissioner

WHERE: Undisclosed, super-secret lair somewhere in Butler County.

WHY: Because these clowns think that backroom deals are the right way to pick office holders.

HOW: Through intimidation and fear tactics. Jobs have been know, the usual.

So, what are we going to do about it?

UPDATE: At least one of the Mugnificent Seven are trying to claim they had no knowledge of these events or were even there. My advice, ask them in person and look for the usual tell-tale signs of a liar. Of course, some of these chaps have been in this business so long that they can actually look a person right in the eye and tell them whatever they think you want to hear. But, trust your instincts and trust your judgment.