Monday, August 03, 2009

Healthcare: Members of Congress Running Scared during recess?

Am in the process of calling much of the Ohio Delegation's offices to see if/when they are appearing for questions and meetings during the recess. The first I called was Sherrod Brown.

Sherrod Brown

He has NO MEETINGS of any public kind (who is he meeting in private?) according to his office staff at the Cincinnati Office. Stay tuned for updates during the call goes to Zack Space (cadet) of OH 18.

George Voinovich

OK, before I got to Zack Space Cadet, I hit up Voinovich. No one in his office is talking. They say, we don't do townhalls. His Cincy office said he had no plans to be in the Cincy area, but was glad to take down anything I had to say or wanted to impart to him. I encouraged him to vote no on the Health Care bill. His Cleveland office was VERY EVASIVE AND SAID I just had to keep looking at the paper. Hmm...seems like Georgie doesn't want to face any voters either.

Zack Space OH 18

OK, Zack Space...his district offices KNOW NOTHING. They referred me to his DC office to talk to his scheduler....she was out and I had to leave a voice mail...Hmmm....Will keep you posted if I get a call back....

Steve Driehaus, OH 1

Contacted the cincy office. There is an event tonight they wouldn't go into that is a third party event. There is also a district event called Congress on the Corner, at Scott's Barbeque, over at 637 Northland Ave, from 5:30-7:30pm. Go on over there and express your displeasure over healthcare to Mr. Driehaus. Oh yeah, and give him some heck on Cap and Tax, too.

Jean Schmidt, OH 2

Called her scheduler at 2:38pm....waiting on reply

Mike Turner, OH 3

Turner's people were polite but were kind of secretive as well...wonder if they are getting deluged by callers asking about this, wondering if they think people are going to tea party them.

Well, folks, I will update as time goes by. Perhaps some of our fellow writers can call some of the members of the Ohio delegation and see what is going on. I need to cover some other things and do some work, as lunch is slipping away.....If any of you readers want to add info in comments, feel free.