Monday, August 03, 2009

Huber Heights City Council Throwing Out Member in Iraq

The Huber Heights City Council is conducting a meeting at 6PM at the Huber Heights City building. The purpose of the meeting is to vote Brian Walton off City Council due to the fact that he is currently serving our country in Iraq. Brian is a contractor doing important work while the political elite in Huber Heights are playing their games as usual.

UPDATE: I need to back up here a bit. I first heard about this awhile back and my gut was telling me that something about this whole thing just wasn't right. The real purpose behind this post was to hopefully get some information about the whole thing. This has finally happened...

Here are a few things I have learned...

1. Walton wants, very badly, to be appointed to Husted’s seat…in the Senate.

2. He wanted to be a write-in against Mayor until told that he couldn’t run for two non-Fed seats.

3. My source says that if the Council votes him off, he flips houses so he would just move into one of his flips and run against someone that voted him off.

4. He has portrayed himself on Facebook as a reservist (technically this is accurate). The way he mentions this with the situation is misleading.

5. He contacted Council members prior to leaving asking where they stood and they each explained to him their reasons for not supporting it as an excused absence (all based off the charter and the above legal opinion) –- he portrays council as this despicable group that are out to get him.

6. After he was on council he developed a plan to get into the statehouse and possibly the senate.

7. His campaign treasurer resigned (a constituent of his) due to his not resigning his seat.

Look, I'm still not sure what to make of all of this... But this document might help decide the legal issues involved...

Huber Concerning Walton