Monday, August 17, 2009

Nancy Nix Letter

This just in...
Friends in Butler County:

Below you will find a letter that I mailed today to all members of the Butler County Republican party, outlining my credentials in seeking the Party's endorsement to run in the May 2010 Republican Primary for a seat on the Butler County Commission.

The endorsements process will take place in October, just a couple months away, so I'm campaigning within the Party now. I hope you will take the time to read this letter and let me know if I can count on your support as we go through this process.

If you would like to help with phone calls, mailings or other organization, please reply to this email, or call 513-594-0029. You do not have to be a member of the Party to help. Thank you very, very much.

Letter mailed to ~500 Party members Wed Aug 12.

Nancy Nix, CPA

Dear Central and Executive Committee members:

On July 31, 2009, I announced my intention to seek your endorsement in the Butler County Commissioner’s race. It was not a decision I took lightly, knowing the many inherent risks in taking on an incumbent as a fairly new office holder during especially critical budgetary woes.

Yet, that is exactly why I am seeking endorsement. With my credentials as a former City Councilwoman and a certified public accountant, I transformed the Treasurer’s office into an efficient operation in just two years. I know I can help make the same positive difference and immediate impact as your Commissioner. It is time for a fresh, new approach to county government, and I am a newcomer offering integrity and change. As your Treasurer, I have:

· Reduced staff by 30% and budget by 18%, with absolutely no loss in quality of service
· Implemented an aggressive delinquent real estate tax collection referral process
· Hosted state outreach programs to help struggling homeowners, people with credit issues, and senior citizens in need of money management
· Bid out banking services, saved taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars
· Maintained a solid, productive $230 million Butler County investment portfolio
· Reduced my own pay by 5% last spring to help cut costs
· Reduced tax valuations for tens of thousands of homeowners as a member of the Butler County Board of Revision

The Treasurer’s Office is now a highly functioning and competent team with cooperative relationships with other offices in the county. My office is on the right course, and I am ready to tackle an even greater responsibility. I believe in myself and my abilities, and know I have the education, political experience, leadership skills, and financial training to run the Commissioner’s office.

Education – I earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business in 1992 and passed the CPA exam on my first attempt.

Political Experience – During my four years as Middletown Councilwoman/Vice Mayor, we were forced to make severe cuts to our $27 million budget each and every year, including drastic and unpopular cuts to public safety services. We kept the budget balanced and the City solvent. Cuts to county budgets will continue to be necessary, and all departments must be treated fairly and consistently.

Leadership Skills –As a community leader, I’m chairing the 2009 Butler County United Way campaign and Public Affairs Committee of a Chamber of Commerce. I also chair the Butler County Board of Revision and the State’s County Treasurer Association Audit Committee. I have a wide network of contacts in Butler County due to my history of extensive community/public service.

· Financial Training – My work experiences are in both private and public sectors. As an accountant and banker, I have created budgets, produced financial statements, analyzed reports, processed loans, computed payroll, cost accounted, and directed inventory, among other things. Business practices are second nature to me and have served me well in the Treasurer’s Office.

As a two-year office holder, and unopposed Treasurer, I have raised more than $25,000 for my personal campaign. My family will contribute at a minimum – another $25,000 if I win your endorsement for the primary election. In addition, there are many other friends and supporters throughout the county who are on board with us.

I have contributed countless energy, time, and dollars to Republican candidates since becoming involved eight years ago. I’m a strong fiscal conservative and appreciate any consideration. Please feel free to reach me personally at 513-594-0029.

Thank you again for your consideration.

[Nancy Nix]