Saturday, August 15, 2009

Senator Charade Brown Busted for Astroturfing Town Hall... no less than the Columbus Dispatch:
In the aftermath of Sen. Sherrod Brown's appearance on health-care reform Wednesday at Ohio State University, a number of people complained that Brown made little effort to advise area residents he would be there talking about the nation's hottest topic.

That apparently was not a problem for supporters of Brown, who had ample notice that the senator would hold a roundtable discussion on health care. The day before the event, Democratic organizations were urging people to show up and support "one of our greatest advocates for health-care reform."

That prompted complaints that Brown wanted to pack the event with supporters in an effort to avoid a confrontation on health care.

No way, says Brown's staff. Meghan Dubyak, a Brown spokeswoman, said the event was posted on the senator's Web site "before the event, either the day before or early that morning."

She pointed out that nearly 500 people showed up, forcing Brown's staff to find larger rooms to accommodate the crowd. "The senator stayed for a full hour and one-half answering questions," Dubyak said. "As anyone who was there could see, the crowd was diverse in opinion."

Wow, 500 people. Really? Gee, how many of them were from ProgressOhio or their allies? What am I talking about? Check it out:
But a trail of e-mails and phone calls suggests that Democratic organizations had a heads-up about the event that everyday people did not have.

At 1:31 p.m. on Tuesday, Brian Rothenberg, executive director of ProgressOhio, an independent organization closely linked to the Democratic Party, sent an e-mail urging backers of President Barack Obama's health-care changes to show up.

"We need you to hold a sign in support of health-care reform, be positive and smile for the cameras," Rothenberg wrote. He said a number of different groups supporting health care -- including the Service Employees International Union -- would be there.

At 1:49 p.m. Tuesday, Brown's staff sent a media advisory about the event. When asked about the event Tuesday, Dubyak said space would be limited.

A Dispatch reporter called Brown's staff Tuesday night and said she could not find the event posted on the senator's Web site. The staffer first insisted it was there and then said it would soon be posted.

The Dispatch and local radio and TV then noted the event would be held the next day. That apparently prompted some of the hundreds of people to show up.

I should note that I talked to Brown's office and was told NO TOWN HALLS were scheduled. But I guess they didn't think I was one of their buddies....
RightOhio has more, including video. The 2nd one with the arrogant p***ck of a staff member of Charade's is priceless, as is the union thug trying to stare peole down. It is disgraceful, as is the wifebeating, pot toking joke of a Senator we have.....Right Ohio had posted the meeting through an email he received meant for lefties.

Gee Charade, not trying to be less than honest and open with the people now, are we?