Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brunner: Husted Violated Election Law

Mark this day down on the calendar of your choice! Why? Because I agree with Chris Redfern...and that NEVER happens...

On the L'Affair Husted, Redfern says this:
“Overwhelming evidence, including utility records and media investigations, shows that Jon Husted does not reside at the Kettering house,” Redfern said. “Today’s ruling calls into question the legitimacy of Husted’s candidacy for Secretary of State, because someone running to be Ohio’s chief elections officer should follow Ohio elections law.”
Let's review what has happened thus far... The Montgomery County Board of Elections deadlocked along party lines and kicked it up to Jenny Brunner who punted it back to the BOE who deadlocked again. The Dayton Daily News did some digging and that made matters worse for Jonny Boy. Eventually the Ohio Supreme Court made the decision that Jenny Brunner had to make a decision and here we are...with the decision that we all knew was coming all along.

Now, my friends in the Ohio Republican Party are trying their hardest to spin this off as politics as usual, but I ask them to take another look at that Zero-Tolerance Policy that Chairman DeWine put in to place...this would seem like a pretty good place to use it. Heck, shutting Husted down might actually strengthen the party's chances as it would demonstrate our willingness to police our own.

At this point, a Ham Sandwich would be better on the GOP ticket than Jon Husted.