Monday, September 21, 2009

Ohio House Republicans on The Future of Ohio

COLUMBUS — House Republicans today announced in press conferences across the state the Republican alternative to failed Democrat leadership, the “Future of Ohio” plan. House Republicans engaged stakeholders in discussions with the business community early this summer on their ideas for jumpstarting Ohio’s economy. The resulting package of proposals was announced at the press conferences. House Republican Leader William G. Batchelder issued the following statement:

“Today House Republicans unveiled a series of economic development proposals drawn from discussions with constituents and small business leaders across Ohio. This proposal, “the Future of Ohio,” is the Republican alternative to the failed Democrat leadership in Columbus.

The cost of these proposals will be minimal, but the long-term job creation, economic stimulus, will result in far greater revenue in state income than costs. Every job created by these proposals will have a multiplier effect on the local and state economy and will increase tax revenues for state and local government.

It is crucial that the majority hold extensive hearings on these and other proposals that will be forthcoming from our members. No bills have been heard at this time in the Economic Development Committee.”