Friday, October 30, 2009


I have a few outstanding items that I need to address on this issue since folks have had a chance to talk about it...

  • Chris Wunnenberg insisted that I "check my facts" in his adversarial and confrontational denial. "Check your facts" is typically Politician for "You are right!" so I'm not sure how to take Chris at this point. Particularly since he is such a bad politician...

  • Gary Cates took the road that most sincere people take. In his denial, he actually spent time explaining that he beilieves in the integrity of the system. I think he genuinely believes that and until there is more solid evidence presented that classifies him as a Member in Good Standing of the Butler County Good Ole Boys Club ("No Girls Allowed!"), I think it is fair to clear him at this point.

  • My spies tell me that they saw Jose Alvarez yucking it up with disgraced former Auditor Kay Rogers this week at the O'Tucks event in Hamilton. Seriously, Jose, this is not the kind of person you want to be caught associating with if you really want to be a Butler County Commissioner... Are you even aware of the news???

  • UPDATE: I forgot that I wanted to add a little something about why I posted this stuff in the first place...

    As a member of the Central Committee, I get lots of calls and letters from elected officials, party chieftains, campaign staffers, and other interested people. Typically, if you see it on WMD then I have heard it at least twice at the minimum and usually significantly more than that.

    My motivation for writing the piece and making such an issue out of it is that we are all hearing this stuff but we aren't actually talking about it. The only we we are ever going to rid Butler County of the bad apples is to expose them for who and what they are. We aren't going to do that if we don't talk about it.

    I tend to have to say this over and over again, so if you've read this bit before, please forgive me. I am NOT a journalist. I'm a blogger. There are no layers of editors making decisions about what I can and can not say. What you see on WMD is the result of the choices and thinking on the part of the individual contributors. We each have set our own standards for what we are willing to put our names on... Our integrity is on the line every time we click the "publish" button, so you should know that when I say that such and such is what I believe...or this is what I know...then you can and should hold me accountable for that. Politics is a dificult field to write about because people lie all the time. All I can do is give you folks the best "read" of the situation that I can.

    Lastly, the last thing I ever want to be accused of is that I am trying to convince you to think any given way. I write what I write because I want you to know where I am coming from...but you should make up your own minds.

    Keep the faith, people...we are winning!