Saturday, October 31, 2009

BUTLER COUNTY UPDATE: The Shelton Maneuver

I'm sure this has been standard practice in Butler County for decades, but I will call it the Shelton Maneuver since that is who I first witnessed practicing this particular method of political retribution.

Emails and phone calls are now going out saying that if people want to have a future in politics in Butler County they had better distance themselves from me.

This is pathetic, but that is Butler County GOP politics for you...

So let me lay out the choice for anyone who gets this call or email.

Make your choice. It is me or them. I am not that well known in the party, but I am one of the few people willing to speak truth to power.

It is okay if you choose them. But realize what you are choosing. If you want the same old politics as usual with the nepotism, corruption and intimidation then side with them. I don't want you on my team anyway.

But if you want a fresh start in Butler County Republican politics, then join my team.

So send me your emails. Tell me about the phone calls you are getting. The only way to stop this insanity is to expose it. And since I am already in the proverbial doghouse with these peeps, I got nothing else to lose. Not that that would have stopped me anyway.