Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Butler County Update: Spotlight Jones Playing Politics

If I've said this a million times on this blog, forgive me as I repeat it once again: I agree with Sheriff Jones on the illegal immigration enforcement issue and that's about it.

His current ploy for attention is to take any and every event that happens in Butler County and turn it in to a chance to blast the people who took every step possible to prevent cutting the sheriff's budget. (The latest story is here.) Here is a factoid that Intrepid Reporter Josh leaves out of his stories: the Butler County Commission left the sheriff's budget alone for YEARS while slashing other areas of the county's budget. Why? Because they felt that the safety and security of the citizens were important and a budget cut was not to be taken lightly.

If the sheriff is so concerned about these budget cuts, why hasn't he taken a pay cut himself? Do we really need an aviation unit and a boat? Horses are kind of expensive aren't they? Why doesn't anybody question how the sheriff has been spending all of this money?

Over on his website, the sheriff says this:
I have adopted the motto “Spectemur Agendo” which translates to “Let us be judged by our Actions”. I believe in accountability, responsibility, and a certain “esprit de corps”.

“Sacrifice, Duty, Honor, Justice, Vigilance, and Courage are the foundation that will define this Sheriff’s Office.”
Well, sheriff, I think your actions lately have been those of a whiny little crybaby. Instead of acknowledging that this county has been effected by the bad economic times, lashing out at those who have shielded your agency from the crunch that others have had to face is not acting with accountability, responsibility, or in the spirit that is conducive to public trust.

That you, of all people, would even consider subverting the will of the People and deny them the choice that you have sworn an oath to uphold is disgusting and vile. That's right. Sheriff Rick Jones is one of those who are a part of the secret cabal trying to intimidate others in to voting to endorse Jose Alvarez for County Commissioner.

Apparently, Alvarez is so desperate for support that he would succumb to the desires of this group of people hellbent on bringing down what is left of the Butler County Republican Party.

UPDATE: I really want to point out that the men and women of the Butler County Sheriff's Department are some of the best and brightest. In no way does my thoughts about the sheriff reflect on them, their integrity, or the work that they do to keep us safe. Keep the faith!