Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Husted Steps In It...Again

I told you so... You can't say I didn't warn you...

Jon Husted has made his battle with Jenny Brunner the focal point of his campaign for Secretary of State and that is a HUGE mistake as illustrated by this Cleveland Plain Dealer piece.
The last line of his letter -- written just days before the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in his favor -- is this: "Today Jennifer Brunner and the Democrats want to take away my right to vote, tomorrow it could be yours."

If Husted truly believes Democrats can't be trusted on voting issues, he is going to have a hard time making nonpartisan decisions if he's elected in November 2010.

It's easy to call the line typical campaign rhetoric. But candidates for secretary of state bear more responsibility than others when it comes to avoiding hyperbole about the voting process.
Husted could say a lot more about his commitment to nonpartisanship by leaving Brunner out of a race she's not running.
Husted has nothing else to offer. He is an empty suit with the ability to raise some cash. that's all he is. That is all he will ever be. yet there are still those in the Ohio Republican Party who think this guy is a star on the rise.

Here is your star in action:
[Husted] also said he remains committed to keeping politics out of the office, but "when you see something that is wrong, you have a responsibility to call a spade a spade."

"And that's a fine line you have to walk," he said.

He acknowledged that the residency episode felt very personal and that putting aside such an attack is difficult.

"But you have to," he said.
But you didn't, Jon...and that is the whole point. Ohioans are sick and tired of lying politicians who claim to be one thing and turn out to be something else. Jon Husted fits that exact mold.

The fact that Husted made it to the starting lineup when he has no more skills than your average back-bencher is a real crime.

HT: ORP News Clips...thanks for pointing out what a TOOL this guy is ORP... Now, why exactly did you endorse this clown again???