Thursday, October 15, 2009

CincyPAC Endorses Issue 3 Ohio Casino Gaming Amendment

Cincinnati’s young professional political group CincyPAC is supporting Issue 3, which seeks to amend Ohio’s Constitution to establish a single casino in each of the cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo. Board members agreed to support the issue on the basis it aligns with CincyPAC’s core value that supports adequate funding and programming for entertainment venues, the arts and historic landmarks.

Supporters of Issue 3 say establishing casinos in Ohio’s four largest cities can result in $600 million in tax revenues for Ohio, which would support public school districts, law enforcement training, the Ohio Racing Commission, a new Ohio Casino Control Commission, host cities and counties, as well as efforts to counteract problem gaming.

“Our board and membership are committed to effort that will help bring new, engaging entertainment venues,” says Candace Klein, president, CincyPAC. “We believe having a casino in Cincinnati will appeal to the city’s young professionals, as well as young professionals in other cities in the region.”

Ohio voters have previously rejected casino measures in the past, but prior proposals did not designate specific state-wide locations for the casinos. Cincinnati’s proposed casino site involves the Broadway Commons property currently occupied by a sizeable parking lot. “CincyPAC is also committed to efforts that support adequate public transportation,” says Klein. “Our board members hope planners will evaluate how placing a casino at the Broadway Commons site will affect transportation flow and its impact on surrounding neighborhoods.”

Issue 3 is not only expected to generate sizeable tax revenues for schools and local governments, but create more than 20,000 new jobs across Ohio, including 13,000 construction jobs and 6,000 permanent jobs.

CincyPAC is a political action committee geared towards educating city official candidates and holding them accountable to moving Cincinnati forward, ensuring that the city appeals to young professionals. We are a non-partisan group made up of Greater Cincinnati professionals, diverse in profession, background and political viewpoints.

The organization’s top issues include supporting access to economic prosperity, adequate public transportation, health and environmental sustainability, adequate funding and programming for entertainment venues, the arts and historic landmarks, and diversity and inclusiveness.

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