Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kerry Wants Law Library of Congress to Change its Mind...Or else...

From a report:
The chairmen of the House and Senate foreign relations committees are asking the Law Library of Congress to retract a report on the military-backed coup in Honduras that they charge is flawed and “has contributed to the political crisis that still wracks” the country.
The request, by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. and Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., has sparked cries of censorship from Republicans who say the Democrats don’t like what the August report said: that the government of Honduras had the authority to remove President Manuel Zelaya from office.
Zelaya has been holed up at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa for several weeks, and high-ranking U.S. officials arrived Wednesday to try to broker a resolution.
Critics of the Obama administration — which condemned Zelaya’s removal in June — have pointed to the report as evidence that the White House was wrong when it sided with most Latin American countries in calling for Zelaya to be returned.

The only political “crisis” that the report stoked was the one in the US, when people wondered why we were suddenly taking the same side as Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and the Castro brothers against one of the more stalwart US allies in the region.

This effort shows you how much the Dems are all in for Obama. They will seek to rewrite history, to force people to rewrite history. They have already cowed the Congressional Budget Office. Remember when the CBO excoriated the stimulus bill as well as the original proposals for healthcare, only to flaccidly give a nod toward teh disastrous Bacchus bill when the time came, with inaccurate lowballing of the cost? These people care only for their own power and that of the beloved leader.

Obama is trying to make us liked, at the cost of our national prestige and security. Going to bed with thugs like Chavez and Co. and not giving full support to a valued ally like Israel is ignorant and denotes a rather startling naivete of the way the world is at present.

The efforts by Kerry and Co. show you that the Left is not about truth and divergence of opinion and never has been. It is only about the castration of thought and the acquiescence of the masses to whatever excrement falls from the mouth of the annointed one.