Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RELEASE: Lawmakers Introduce Small Business Regulatory Relief Act

COLUMBUS: State Representatives Ross McGregor (R- Springfield) and Troy Balderson (R- Zanesville) today introduced House Bill 311 into the Ohio House of Representatives, which would provide regulatory relief to Ohio small businesses.

“I am very proud to have the opportunity to introduce legislation that will help to reduce the regulatory burdens on the largest group of employers in the state of Ohio, small business owners, and provide them with an opportunity to grow their business and our state economy,” said Representative McGregor. “This is an important first step in what I believe is a key tool to ending this economic recession in the state of Ohio and getting our economy moving again.”

House Bill 311 is a key component to “The Future of Ohio” package of proposals rolled out by the House Republicans last month. These economic development proposals were drawn from discussions with constituents and small business leaders across Ohio. These proposals would come at a minimal cost to taxpayers, with long-term job creation, economic stimulus, and far greater revenue in state income than costs. Every job created by these proposals would have a multiplier effect on the local and state economy and would increase tax revenues for state and local government.

“This legislation will help businesses cut through bureaucratic red tape and provide accountability in crafting agency regulations,” said Representative Balderson. “As a small business owner myself, I know the difficulties in trying to navigate through the complex state bureaucracy, and I believe this legislation will do much to make that process easier for business owners.”

House Bill 311 would require a rule-making agency to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and regulatory flexibility analysis on how proposed rules might impact small businesses, and issue reports based on these analyses. In addition, HB 311 would create the new Ohio Small Business Ombudsperson in the Office of Small Business to ensure compliance with the revised rule-making requirements under the bill, and maintain a toll-free line for small businesses seeking assistance regarding regulatory requirements. The Ombudsperson would be tasked with reviewing agency reports, compiling comments on proposed rules, publishing them in the Registry of Ohio, and filing them with the newly created Small Business Regulatory Review Board, which would review objections to those rules and determine if the rule-making agency complied with the new rule-making process.

“It is our hope that the leadership of the House will take immediate action and work to seek the passage and enactment of House Bill 311,” Representative McGregor said.

“The current leadership in the House and Governor’s Office has failed to act, and it is our hope that they will take a close look at House Bill 311 and see that it is a key component in the future of Ohio economic growth,” said Representative Balderson.