Monday, October 12, 2009

West Ohio Methodist Conference Using Tithe Money for Obamacare event!

Yes, folks, you heard it here. From their palatial multimillion dollar digs in one of the richest and swankiest suburbs in Columbus, the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church is helping to sponsor an "interfaith" service of "hope." Here is their lame advertisement:
On Monday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m. an Interfaith Service of Remembrance and Hope on behalf of health care reform will be held at Broad Street United Methodist Church, 501 E. Broad, Columbus. The service provides a setting for concerned people to come together across denominations and major faith traditions to:
Memorialize the 45,000 Americans who died this past year because lack of health insurance prevented the care that would have saved their lives.
Lift up those 45,000 who will die each year that we fail to bring about practices and processes that promote healing and health for all in our nation.
Pray together for the will and perseverance to bring about new ways of providing health care-starting in 2010 - that give life to all Americans, rather than casually and callously blotting it out.
Following the service, opportunities for discussion and action on behalf of health care reform will be available, along with light refreshments. Parking is available in the lots on Washington Street across from the church.

They make it sound like we are a 3rd world country. However, I see they don't talk about the thousands of people in Canada and the UK who die each year because of the lag of socialized medicine. I see that the high and mighty UMC of West Ohio says nothing about people like the woman in here in America on the Pacific Northwest who died of cancer because of socialized medicine in her state, and how fighting that basically sapped her life. No, we just bow down and have hope for Obama. What about hope in Jesus Christ?

The leadership of this supposed "Christian" church continues to disgust more people every year, as more and more people are leaving the congregation, which is soon to be like others in America, where evangelicals and conservative Christians are going to be forced to conference with the African churches instead of American churches. The American United Methodist Church for the most part has simply become another safe haven for closet and out and out committed socialists.

I don't think Christ wanted bureaucrats to control who gets what medication, or for a government to be able to decide who gets care and under what time frame. However, the high and mighty Bishop of West Ohio Brucie Ough and Company think that is just right, and that socialism and taking away personal freedom is the answer to the health care problem. I guess Brucie Ough didn't read the CBO scoring that said 25 million people will remain uninsured under the Bacchus and assorted Senate plans, or that there will be a tremendous burden on future generations. I guess the self-styled Lenin of West Ohio hasn't read up on the tragedies of socialized government run health care in Europe.

I think Brucie wants a pay raise, and if the church doesn't have to worry about providing for the poor and government does it, then Brucie and company can build more monuments to themselves like their palatial headquarters in one of the swankiest suburbs in Columbus or their monument to their own avarice in the streets of Hanoi, where they are building a palace of granite and marble and glass, while churches here at home need help getting running water and paying pastors.

And this is all being done with the tithing dollars of those who the chief lobbyist of the church calls racists and sexists and people who "benefitted from American exceptionalism." I got news for you Mr. Winkler, all of us benefitted from American exceptionalism, including illegal immigrants, otherwise why would they want to come to America if it is as mean and nasty as obviously you and our cowering President of the US believe it to be.

The UMC has shown more and more that it is not about God and faith, but about being nothing more than a political tool of socialists and others who seek to take away God's most precious gift and blessing to us: FREEDOM.