Friday, November 06, 2009

BUTLER COUNTY UPDATE: GOP Endorsement for County Commissioner

There were five rounds of voting...


Alvarez - 91
Carpenter - 66
Jolivette - 54
Nix - 84
Retherford - 13
No Endorsement - 10


Alvarez - 105
Carpenter - 57
Jolivette - 50
Nix - 94
No Endorsement - 7


Alvarez - 111
Carpenter - 56
Nix - 107
No Endorsement - 25


Alvarez - 109
Nix - 113
No Endorsement - 68


Alvarez - 97
Nix - 113
No Endorsement - 69

RESULT: No Endorsement.


  • John Kasich was endorsed for governor tonight (97%)

  • Steve Chabot was endorsed for the OH-01 congressional race.

  • Roger Reynolds was endorsed for Butler County Auditor.

  • Barbara Carter Schneider was endorsed for Court of Common Please Domestic

  • Ed Shelton called me a "dip$#|+"

  • Chris Wunnenberg thanked me for calling him a lousy politician. Humor was appreciated, Chris...

  • My spies tell me that Prosecutor Robin Piper (who is running for 12th District Court of Appeals) and Sheriff Jones (who I really don't have a problem with outside of his unwillingness to yield to reality on the budget) don't like me very much.

  • I must be doing something right...

  • Why do I do this? I think part of the problem in Butler County is that far too many people are willing to talk behind closed doors and in whispers, but not out where people can really know what the score is... I receive information from sources in and out of the party that I trust far more than I trust some of our elected officials. I get information from people who have worked for some of these people. If I didn't hear it from at least two sources, you won't see it on WMD...

  • I have stuff that I am working on that will really bring the house, no, my friends, I'm not done yet. What will it take for the corrupt influences that have plagued our county for so long finally get the message that the good people of Butler County are fed up? We just might find out...

  • Keep the faith, my friends...we still have a LONG journey ahead of us.

  • UPDATE: I was just reminded that Mike Fox had the nerve to show up. No wheelchair in sight... I'm just putting it out there...