Monday, November 09, 2009

Spaces’ Health Care Vote Raises Taxes and Slashes Benefits for Seniors

Lakeville, OH – Senator Bob Gibbs, candidate for Ohio’s 18th Congressional District, reacted today to Rep. Zack Space’s vote to favor the Nancy Pelosi government run health care program.

“It is unacceptable that Zack Space just voted to slash benefits from the Medicare program, raise taxes, and add 118 new government bureaucracies” said Senator Gibbs. “Zack has been dodging his constituents’ views on the issue of healthcare because he knows that this district is against the Pelosi plan.”

“Not only does this bill implement a $729.5 billion dollar new tax on our families, it also does not address skyrocketing health care costs and criminalizes non-compliance which increasingly erodes our freedoms and individual liberties,” Gibbs added.

Zack Space has been publicly criticized in recent months for refusing to meet with his constituents on the issues of health care reform and cap-and-trade. Space voted to support both cap-and-trade and now health care, two bills which are strongly opposed by his districts workers, families and seniors. “Once again, Zack chose Nancy Pelosi’s agenda over the good of his constituents,” commented Gibbs on the recent health care vote. “Never before have I seen a congressman so neglect his constituents and their wishes.”

For three decades Bob Gibbs has served as a small business owner and community leader, operating a farm and rental property business. He served on the Ohio Farm Bureau Board of Trustees for fifteen years and is a past president of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.