Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Butler County Update: The Ironical Edition

While checking in with Intrepid Reporter Josh on the Rawnica story below, I couldn't help but see the story beneath it that asks the question: "Should sales tax hike be on table as county struggles with budget?"

Not only NO...but HELL NO!!!

Of course, you all expected that to be my answer...and that's not why I wanted to bring this up. The reason I highlight this particular post is there is this knee-slapper from Democrat Don Dixon:
Commission President Donald Dixon disagreed, saying any increased revenues would “just get lost in a big, black hole,”

“Quite frankly, I think our spending has been out of control,” he said.
I can hear you already... "But, Matt, he agrees with you." He doesn't.

At least, not in reality. He'll say things like this to Intrepid Reporter Josh because Democrat Don Dixon knows that saying things like this will keep him in office even though he hasn't said a word about what he would cut in the budget. He hasn't a word for his buddy Sheriff Rick "Spotlight" Jones and Prosecutor Robin the Pied Piper. Jones' department alone accounts for about 30% of the county's budget and both of these guys have said they are done cutting.

I know that Commissioner Furmon has sent back 10% of his salary. What has Democrat Don Dixon done?

Commissioner "Democrat" Don Dixon, my advice to you is to pay attention to the age old axiom that ACTIONS are louder than WORDS. We've seen the expelling of hot air, now let's see you do something about it.