Wednesday, December 02, 2009

US SEN GOP Update: Portman vs. Ganley on National Security

CongressDaily ran a couple articles on Ohio's US Senate race yesterday. Here is one of the pieces that need some scrutiny. Take notice that there’s been complete radio silence from Mr. Ganley on the President’s decision regarding Afghanistan.
When asked about his credentials on foreign and military affairs, Ganley said, "I certainly have experience in the real world," and added that he is "willing" to develop a background on international and defense matters. "No one's perfect on every issue," he said.
Now, while I’m all for people learning new things, I think we’re seeing -- in the White House, no less -- just how serious the consequences are when it comes to on-the-job training for national security and defense issues. It ain't pretty, folks.

Here is Rob Portman's statement:
“I agree with President Obama’s decision to follow the advice of his military commanders and deploy 30,000 additional troops in Afghanistan. Our national security is at stake, as Afghanistan remains the central front in the Global War on Terror. However, I disagree with an exit strategy that includes arbitrary withdrawal dates that will embolden our enemies.”
As regular WMD readers (and especially listeners of the radio show) will know, I have been critical of Team Portman in the past for not being on the ball on relevant current events and issues; but Rob has gotten the job done here and his assessment is absolutely correct.

UPDATE: Unrelated side issue -- campaign funding. On this topic, the last sentence is worth examining:
Opponents question the liquidity of his assets, but he said all he has to do is "write a check."
My response: What is he waiting for? Does he want the gig or not?