Monday, December 28, 2009

Butler County Update: Let's Play Catch-Up Edition

I'm going to rely on Intrepid Reporter Josh for a lot of this stuff rather than original "reporting" on my part because there is just so much stuff I want to get to and there really isn't a point to covering the news when it my views that brings you all here...

Carpenter vs. Nix

Josh has the response from the OEC on the complaint here. Reader's Digest version goes like this: since it was an endorsement process and not a primary or general election, current election law doesn't cover this situation.

I was opposed to this suit in the first place, but Team Cindy is right when they say that it appears that there is a time when a candidate can say anything they want about another candidate without fear of retribution and that time is during an endorsement process. Nevermind that an endorsement process is part of the primary election process...

Am I surprised that the OEC punted? Not one bit...

While I was opposed to the suit, I do think that Nancy's "hard ball politics" was uncalled for and unneccessary. Read in to that what you will...

Butler County Budget

Josh has some info on the budget here.

My response: What took so long? I know the you?

Jail Stuff

Josh has stuff here and here.

My response: This situation should never have happened in the first place. No-bid contracts are not appropriate or legal.

Dem Pulls Petition for County Commissioner

Josh has info here.

It is really too bad that it is the Democrat saying things like this:
“Not only is nepotism rampant,” Hardig explained, “but the bidding and awarding of contracts is fraught with illegality and conflict of interest.”

But Hardig believes that positive change is possible. “We can develop an ethics policy that is applicable to all county employees,” Hardig said. “That policy should address issues of nepotism, conflict of interest, and competitive bidding.”