Monday, December 28, 2009

Ohio's "Establishment" Republicans Are Killing Us

The next time you hear an Ohio Republican talking about how we need lower taxes, be sure to ask them what they think of Senate President Bill Harris and Majority Leader Tom Niehaus. These two buffoons joined three other "establishment" Republicans in the Ohio Senate and raised our taxes. And what makes it worse is that the hike is retroactive, so our employers haven't been taking out enough to cover the bill. Even Jon Husted got this one right... Hey, Ohio Establishment Republicans: In case you missed it, we're in a recession!

Meanwhile, in the United States Senate, our esteemed "establishment" Republican, George RINOvich was the LONE GOP VOTE for raising the debt ceiling. This clown actually calls himself a "deficit hawk." You gotta be kidding me!

And the Ohio Republican Party will continue its masquerade of "Leading Ohio" with "restoring conservative credibility" as the top priority... I'm so sick of this stuff... Establishment "moderate" Republicans are destroying us on the very issues we need in order to win. If I were John Kasich or Rob Portman, I'd be royally ticked off at "my" team right about now...