Monday, December 28, 2009

Portman on Health Care Bill Passage

"Ohioans are looking for real health care reform that will lower costs, increase accessibility and improve the quality of care. Instead, a bitterly partisan Senate gave them a budget buster bought with special favors that will increase the costs of health care for consumers, businesses and taxpayers. The Senate bill also irresponsibly uses Medicare funds to pay for a new entitlement and eliminates the long-standing Hyde Amendment prohibiting federal funding of abortions.

"As if that's not bad enough, it imposes more job-killing taxes on small business owners who simply want the opportunity to grow their companies and create jobs. We have double-digit unemployment in Ohio and the best Washington can offer is more of the same tax-and-spend agenda that will lead to bigger and more intrusive government.

"Our health care delivery system certainly needs to be improved so that it's available and affordable to all Americans. But the U.S. Senate has taken exactly the wrong steps in a misguided attempt to have the federal government cure what ails instead of implementing real reform that will lower costs, improve the quality and availability of care, and ensure that Medicare remains viable for our seniors."