Sunday, January 17, 2010

Auditor Update: Morgan Doing Petitions

Sources tell me that CPA and State Rep Seth Morgan is circulating petitions across the state and is seriously considering announcing his candidacy for the position vacated by Mary Taylor. All other "joking" aside, Morgan is the only person I see actively seeking the nomination.

Petitions need to be filed by the middle of February, so a dedicated campaign for signatures is going to consume a lot of time in the next two or three weeks. The big concern, at this point, is the fund raising. David Pepper has his daddy helping him out with the family's deep pockets. No matter who the Republican candidate is (now that Taylor is out) is going to have to win this thing on earned media and professionalism.

If you have been living under a rock, you might have missed the fact that Auditor is one of three seats on the Apportionment Board. As we head in to the Census and the re-districting that follows, this seat is critical.

UPDATE: The Dayton Daily Democrat News has a very interesting article on Morgan and his potential candidacy. Check it out here.