Monday, January 18, 2010

Restoring Dignity to Ohio

One thing that really struck me about John Kasich's remarks at the Announcement last week isn't really being covered. The response to the question about requesting stimulus funds was fantastic, but everybody is reporting the "You don't go crawling with a tin cup..." bit but what he said before that zinger is the meat of why the line works.

Ohio is known for its Midwestern values and we have always been a people who have managed to survive and thrive on our own. Recently, we have gotten on our knees begging for scraps instead of taking proactive and corrective action that would allow us to take care of ourselves.

Nobody really wants to be on welfare. It is embarassing to have to rely on the charity of others in order to make ends meet. And we are better than this. We deserve better from the people who represent us in government.

Ohio has been a great state and wonderful place to live, work, and grow. We can retake our rightful place among the best and brightest of these United States, but we have to have bold leadership to get us back on the right path. We need to get government out of the way so that the good people of this great state can prosper on their own.

There isn't a clearer distinction between Kasich and Strickland than the fact that Kasich talks about restoring dignity while Strickland keeps trying to blame anybody but himself for our problems.