Friday, January 22, 2010

Boehner on Obama's Ohio Visit

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) today issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s visit to Elyria, Ohio to talk about job creation amid news that Ohio’s economy continued to shed jobs in the month of December:

“When he last visited Elyria, candidate Obama promised that as president he would enact a ‘job creation agenda.’ Yet for the past year, Ohioans have watched anxiously as Washington Democrats’, with the approval of President Obama, have pushed a job-killing agenda that includes a ‘stimulus’ that isn’t working, a government takeover of health care that will raise taxes, increase premiums and cut Medicare for seniors, and a ‘cap and trade’national energy tax that will devastate Ohio’s economy and kill jobs at a time we can least afford it.
“Ohio’s unemployment report released this morning marks nine straight months of double-digit unemployment in our state. Tens-of-thousands have lost their jobs since the ‘stimulus’ was enacted. Ohioans fed up with Washington Democrats’ job-killing agenda are asking ‘where are the jobs?’

“A jobless recovery is a far cry from what Ohio’s hard-working families were promised. In Elyria today, Ohioans will be looking for the president to signal he will scrap the job-killing policies that are freezing employers large and small from hiring, and work with Republicans on a true job creation agenda built on common-sense solutions to help small businesses create jobs and put Americans back to work.”