Friday, January 22, 2010

Few Questions on Yost for Auditor

Sorry for the cliche(s), but I question the timing of this...

Since this is apparently a "done deal" merely waiting for the "public confirmation", We the People need a few answers to some questions.

  • What did he (Yost) know and when did he know it?

  • Who, specifically, went around to "big donors" and "law firms" and put the squeeze on Yost for AG?

  • Was this, as some folks now believe, a planned move even before Kasich picked Taylor?

  • Has ANYBODY seen or heard from Dave Yost?  You can't find that guy with a search warrant all of a sudden...  I think somebody ought to check in and make sure that he's okay.....

  • Why aren't other bloggers who are hearing these things too NOT writing about it? (Props to Rose over at BizzyBlog for being the only other blogger brave enough to swim in these waters, so far...)

  • UPDATE:  Forgive me forgetting From the Rustbelt's coverage...