Monday, January 11, 2010

Geauga County Update

With Matt Dolan running for county exec, his seat will open up. Bainbridge township trustee Matt Lynch is running for State Representative in the 98th district.

The website is a little light on content, but it's a start. I certainly like the look of it and the content will come.

For a safe seat, the 98th is involving a lot of drama. Tim Grendell pulled petitions to run for it (and a couple other gigs too), even though he still has two years left on his state senate seat. Now, normally a township trustee wouldn't stand a chance against an incumbent state senator. But the Grendell's have been treating Geauga county as their personal fief for many years and a lot of people are tired of it.

Also, Tim implicitly helped the Democrat running in the 62nd district in 2008 against Carol Ann Schindel, and the House caucus hasn't forgotten that he's part of the reason why the GOP lost control of the House.

In addition to that drama, Matt Dolan may actually resign from the seat rather than campaign full time while collecting a state paycheck. The latest news is that he's waiting to cost a vote in favor of the Third Frontier renewal, and will resign shortly thereafter. If Dolan steps down, then the Ohio House Republicans would appoint someone to fill out the term. If that happens, you can expect that they will remember what happened with Schindel if Grendell applies for it. Since the Third Frontier renewal vote could come as early as this week, look for that to be pretty interesting...