Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lt. Gov Mary Taylor?

Seems this is the story that will not die, so I might as well put my two cents in too...

Mary Taylor will be able to do whatever she wants to do...in 2014, maybe 2012 if she plays her cards right. Mary Taylor committed to running for re-election to the office of Auditor. As far as I am concerned, she loses credibility if she backs out. For the same reason I can't take Sarah Palin seriously, you NEVER abandon your post. If Taylor jumps ship on an apportionment board seat that she has zero chance of losing in order to "further her political career" as John Kasich's shadow, I think it would be her biggest mistake.

Raise your hand if you've heard a Republican Party official say anything along the lines of "The apportionment board is the single most important thing we have to win this year." My hand is up...and if you've been around any GOP meetings or events, I am sure that your hand is raised too.

But let's say that the Ohio GOP has no brains and wants to go All In with a draw to the River and go along with this charade. Who do they get to replace Taylor for Auditor? One theory is Mike DeWine, which is so laughable I can barely contain myself to write it. DeWine thinks he's "above" the Auditor's gig. Heck, Mikey thought he was too big for Attorney General during the special election. Josh Mandel? No. I don't think so. What's with the musical chairs theory anyway? Oh, yeah, that's how the Ohio GOP operates.

Furthermore, I think it is silly to think that John Kasich "needs" Mary Taylor on the ticket. Have you seen the polling on Strickland lately? Has Team Strickland got anything that they can hang their hat on? Has Strickland solved the economic woes that have plagued our great state? Has unemployment suddenly become a non-factor? Are business no longer fleeing this state like rats off a sinking ship?

So let's stop the fantasy that Kasich "needs" Mary Taylor on the ticket.

Having said all of that, do I think it is possible that Kasich / Taylor will be the ticket? Yup. Likely? Meh...not so sure. I certainly hope not. Not because I think less of Taylor or Kasich, but rather I think we need the right people at the right places at the right time and somebody is going to have to convince me that Taylor joining the ticket actually accomplishes something significant to warrant the risk.


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