Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Boehner for Speaker Update

Republican Leader, my Congressman and a Great American -- John Boehner -- has had a pretty interesting and active week. On Sunday, he was on Meet the Press. He filed for re-election on Monday (photo on left).  Later that same day, Boehner was on WLW with Mike McConnell and said this:
"We are going to have to work hard, and go out and help my constituents understand that I've been fighting the fight now for 20 years and I've finally realized that the fight is never going to be over. I'm looking for two more years to continue to fight for a smaller more accountable and less costly government."
With unemployment in Ohio near 11 percent, he has worked hard for several proposals aimed at helping small businesses create new jobs, protecting Ohio workers, and helping struggling families rebuild their savings. For example:

  • CREATING NEW JOBS WITH A “NO COST” PLAN: With Washington swimming in a sea of red ink, Boehner has led the way on a “no cost” plan to create new jobs without increasing spending or raising taxes. And the budget plan supported by Boehner would actually curb government spending and get control of the spiraling federal debt – another necessary step in getting our economy back on track. Boehner has also fought against the so-called “stimulus” spending bill which a non-profit report found could cost Ohio as many as 91,200 jobs.

  • PROTECTING OHIO FARMERS AND MANUFACTURERS: One of the biggest threats facing Ohioans who work in agriculture and manufacturing is a “cap and trade” national energy tax that would send energy prices skyrocketing. Boehner has led the fight against a national energy tax and is promoting an “all of the above” strategy that would actually lower costs, create jobs, and liberate us from our dependence on foreign oil.

  • HELPING FAMILIES REBUILD THEIR SAVINGS: The recession has taken its toll on Ohio in a number of ways, including by wiping out many families’ savings. The Boehner-backed Savings Recovery Act is a straightforward bill that will help recoup college, retirement, and personal savings – and quickly. It also preserves employee-controlled 401(k)s by blocking efforts in Washington to wipe out 401(k)s entirely and replace them with government-run accounts.