Wednesday, February 03, 2010

More on the ORP Meeting That Tea Party Protested

There have been a few more questions that have been asked about the Yost Endorsement...

How Many State Central Committee (SCC) Members Were Present?

I was told from a few people that there were only 10-14 SCC Members present and about 30 on the phone or something like that.  SCC Member Christa Criddle confirmed about twenty with roughly another 40 on the phone, but said that she didn't actually count.

How Was the Vote Taken?

I have confirmed that a voice vote was taken rather than a roll called to verify results. Some have asked if the call was recorded, and I don't believe that was the case.

Were Rules Waived?

Yes.  In order to move forward with any endorsement, the SCC has to "suspend the rules" to do so.  Sources tell me that there were "no's" on the voice vote to waive those rules but the "yea's" took it.

What About That Poll?

I've also heard about double digit poll numbers being touting and interestingly enough there is no mention of anyone else in the poll and how they would have done or any of the cross tabs...just a mystery double digit number. Most likely, this is an internal poll, but tossing around numbers like that is only going to infuriate the rank and file.  The Ohio GOP ought to release the poll with crosstabs so those numbers can be examined.