Friday, February 19, 2010

Delaware County GOP is TERRIFIED of Tea Party

One of my plethora of spies sent this in from delaware County:

To: magnum@[REDACTED]


Sent: Tue, Feb 16, 2010 11:24 am
Subject: Feb. 25 Protesters
Magnum--I am concerned about Central Committee members' safety on Feb. 25 and wondering if there is a cost to have deputies at the north campus of the Delaware Area Career Center that evening? I just received a call from [REDACTED] from a man who didn't give his name but says he heads up the local Tea Party group. He says his group will be protesting at our meeting on Feb. 25 because they do not want us to endorse.
He was very upset that his group could not speak at our meeting and I expect them to try. He was threatening in tone and stated several repercussions if we do endorse, such as running their own candidate. Having just experienced this with State ORP and the group outside our endorsement meeting for Yost, they are very unreasonable and threatening people! I am concerned about getting order during the meeting too.
I know you can't be there that evening, but I think we need at least one outside the room and inside the room? Your thoughts? Thanks!
Teri Morgan
Let me start by saying that IF this guy actually was threatening bodily harm (which you'll note that Teri doesn't actually say...), then he is doing the movement no help at all and should get out.

But, if he merely stated the movement's desire to send up their own candidates...I have no problem with that at all.

Once again, we see that Kent Moore's LIES have spread like wildfire amongst the establish Republican circles.  We can now add Teri Morgan's name to the list of those slandering the Tea Party Movement in this state.

People like Teri are upset because their back room deals are being exposed for the shams that they are...

UPDATE: You could say that they are preemptively calling the cops on the Tea Party.....