Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's Help Gov. Strickland Join the Peace Corps

In this article at the Vindicator, Governor "T-Shirt Ted" Strickland says this about his time AFTER being governor:
Strickland said he has no plans for a quiet retirement. After leaving elected office, Strickland said he’d like to volunteer for a service organization, specifically mentioning the Peace Corps.

“Am I too old to join?” No, there’s no maximum age.
I’m sure his critics would like to see him join as soon as possible.
Well, Governor, you can apply to the Peace Corps RIGHT HERE.

Anybody have Ted Strickland's email address?  I suppose we could use his Contact page...

SIDEBAR: When asked about Bob Taft, Strickland says:
During our conversation, Strickland brought up ex-Gov. Bob Taft, a Republican who served eight years prior to Strickland. When Taft left office, his approval rating was one of the worst in the country.

Strickland said he keeps in touch with Taft and the two are friends.
Strickland really is Taft's third term...