Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brown County "I Don't Give a F*** Edition Update and Correction

OK, first the correction. In my previous coverage of the incidents involving Clerk of Courts Tina Meranda and Judge Scott Gusweiler, I alluded to County Prosecutor Jessica Little not coming to any Republican Committee meetings that I was aware of. I can see where that may be considered a slam and at the recent BC Lincoln Day dinner I received some clarification after a cordial conversation with the prosecutor. First, her precinct which she represented as a member of central committee was absorbed by another precinct. Also, she is not the selected member at large for the CC or the club. Even though she was invited to go ahead and come to meetings, according to the bylaws this would have been a problem. Also, she has a big job in front of her, as the democrat who she replaced left a huge backlog and all sorts of issues. And finally, she has a young family and should not be castigated for going to their events. Prosecutor Little so far has done a good job and I don't want to besmirch the job she is doing. So, any negative connotations on my part were in error.

Now, to the news...

Meranda Hires Blowhard Attention Whore to Sue Gusweiler

OK, now, thanks to the egos involved, Brown County looks like a hick joke....AGAIN. Tina Meranda, rather than seeking to, you know, deal with things in house, has hired ridiculous pathetic ambulance chaser Eric Deters (of 700WLW radio shame)to sue Judge Gusweiler. From the Brown County Press:
Brown County Clerk of Courts Tina Meranda has retained an attorney who is promising to "drop a sledgehammer" on Common Pleas Court Judge Scott Gusweiler.

In a telephone interview, Eric Deters said that he was preparing to file a lawsuit against Gusweiler in the coming days seeking "monetary and injunctive relief" concerning a dispute over office keys between the two elected officials.

Deters said the lawsuit will claim that Gusweiler is interfering with Meranda's public duties as an elected official.

He added that he is still gathering information and will decide next week whether to bring the suit in federal or state court.

Rather than letting the 12th district court of appeals decide this and just settle the legalities of the case, Clerk Meranda decided to go for the gusto and launch a scorched earth frivolous money grabbing lawsuit with an attention seeking prostitute of a lawyer named Eric Deters. Deters makes Scott Croswell seem like a shrinking violet with his overactive ego and self-love. "The Bulldog" is nothing more than a pathetic bully, as I understand it, having talked to people who have had interactions with him on fields of recreation as well as business. Petulant child, someone else has said.

And Meranda, who has waged a valiant fight against cancer, sinks so low as to play the kid sympathy card in this whole thing:
Meranda said she turned over the keys "so I wouldn't go to jail and have my two little boys be without their mom for the weekend."

GIVE....ME....A....BREAK....Is Tina a single mom? Nope. Where is Dad then? I mean, if she has to spend a few hours in jail, are the kids going to be running rampant in southern Brown County? I think her husband could handle a night alone with the kiddies.

Look, the merits of the idea of the judge asking for and demanding the keys are one thing. However, there are better ways to settle this dispute than going for a cutthorat approach where you hire one of the slimiest self promoting hacks in the legal profession to squeeze money off of Gusweiler and most likely the county as well....

And where does this leave Prosecutor Little? Does she represent Gusweiler? Does the county pay for Gusweiler's legal bills? Meranda's?

Seems kind of sad to drag the county government and justice system of Brown County through the mud for the sake of a grudge or hurt feelings, but then again, that seems to have been the standard M.O. of some.

No one comes out of this unscathed, least of all the innocent people of Brown County. The only one who comes out ahead is Deters, who gave his own publicity shot to the Press so they could get his best side. Pathetic.

This was a hot topic by some of the non-Brown Countians at Lincoln Day. I talked to Judge Gusweiler and he told me he wouldn't comment, taking the moral high ground and talking about how sad it was that someone had to go running to the press to create an issue. I was asked what was up, even by some high ranking judicial officials, and I simply don't know.

The question remains: why did Gusweiler ask for the keys? Was it because he is seeking to expand power, or is it because the Clerk of Courts is not doing her job, or is it because he wants to know what is going on, or is it something else entirely?

Turning this into the latest Eric Deters "HEY LOOK AT ME, I'M AN UGLY BALD HEADED AMBULANCE CHASER WHO LOVES TO BANKRUPT COMPANIES AND GOVERNMENTS" reality show is not going to get any answers.