Sunday, March 21, 2010

Usual Suspects' Grand Strategery: "Support RINOs"

The vote on socialized healthcare hasn't even been taken yet and the usual suspects here in Ohio are already issuing their grand strategery for "taking back" the House and it has a familiar ring to it: "Support RINOs"

On last night's show, Mark pointed out that we have a RINO to thanks for the socialized healthcare charade we are currently seeing in Dee Cee today.  That's right, it was RINO Olympia Snow from Maine who from her perch in the United States senate heard the "call of history" and went along with this nonsense.

We should never trust another RINO again.

I find it interesting that all the "insider" and Columbus-based bloggers tend to always come back to the "Support RINOs" strategery as their answer for everything.  It is a strategery that hasn't worked, to my knowledge, in my lifetime.  But all those folks who claim to be the smartest people in the room are quick to go this route.

How about this strategery, guys?  Let's support the most conservative Republicans we can get elected and let the RINOs do their part for conservatives for a change.  How about that?  I love how these folks always go to the DeWine vs. Brown US Senate race and say, "You filthy conservatives left Mikey out to dry." while totally ignoring the FACT that FAR MORE RINOs let Ken Blackwell twist in the wind.  So spare me your righteous outrage and face the reality that we need to start working together.

Bottom Line: When RINOs show up and do what's right for conservatives, then we can talk.  Until then, I got better things to rallying the grassroots people that are going to show up on election day and throw these bums out of office.